New Application System Coming for Most Programs - APPLICANTS

Please use this system if applying for any of the following programs: 
. Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning and Education 
. Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership and Administration 
. Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology 
. Graduate Certificate in High Performance Coaching & Technical Leadership 
. Graduate Certificate in Orientation and Mobility 

If you are planning to apply for any other program you will be using the new online application system

Please note: If you are applying to UBC Okanagan, please visit the UBC-Okanagan web site

Welcome to the UBC Graduate Studies Online Application for the Vancouver Campus. If you are applying to UBC-Okanagan please visit the UBC-Okanagan website.

In order to submit an application for Graduate Studies, you must first create an account. This account will allow you to save your application and continue it at a later date, as well as work on multiple applications at the same time.

To create an account, click on the "Create An Account" link in the navigation bar to the left. If you have already created an account, click on the "Login" link.

For security reasons, you will be automatically logged out of the application tools if you take more than 45 minutes on any one page. If you are working on an application, you must move to the next page of the application in order for your partial application to be saved in the database. Do this often if you are spending a significant amount of time on any one page of the application. If you are automatically logged out, you may resume your application after logging into your application tools.

Be sure your browser is set to accept cookies and that JavaScript is enabled; these settings are found in your Options or Preferences window of your browser. Also ensure that your browser is configured to display and submit information using the Western character set. Submissions with non-Western character sets will generate an error.

Please Note: To apply to Graduate Studies of UBC OKANAGAN, please check

ATTENTION Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) applicants: To apply online, please go through PASBC at

ATTENTION Master of Engineering (MEng) applicants: To apply online, please go through

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